Are you a prospective RealityKings
affiliate (ie. Cable, Satellite)?

Getting Reality Kings TV

Do I get Reality Kings TV?
Look for Reality Kings TV under the "Adult" category of your cable company's VOD programming, or alongside other adult networks in your program guide. If your cable company does not list adult networks individually, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I order Reality Kings TV
Exact ordering instructions vary depending on your cable or satellite company. Order Reality Kings TV just like you would order a VOD or PPV movie.

My cable or satellite company does not offer Reality Kings TV. How can I get it?
You can call your cable or satellite company to request Reality Kings TV, or you can contact us and we will offer Reality Kings TV to your cable or satellite company.

How can I ask questions or make comments about Reality Kings TV?
You can contact us using the form here with your questions or comments (or email here).